Too Busy To Update

It’s been a while since my last real post – but that is because I have been busy writing elsewhere.

Since the last update I’ve had two articles find their way into the Two Row Times – a free national Onkwehon:we news weekly out of Six Nations of the Grand River. The first covered the launch by the Coastal First Nations of the Bears Forever BC campaign, a campaign dedicated to bringing a complete and total end to bear trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest. The second article dealt with the local issue of settler animal advocacy and the local Traditional Haudenosaunee Deer Hunt at what is now known as the Short Hills Provincial Park. I am very grateful for the Two Row Times providing me with a platform, online and in print, to hash out a coalition/solidarity politic between Onkwehon:we people and nations and non-Onkwehon:we animal and earth liberationists. As far as advocacy goals go for me personally, this is a very high priority.

Aside from that I’ve also been busy writing and helping with a push to see legislation in Ontario which would curb the use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suits. Currently on the receiving end of one, I was happy to help when Greenpeace Canada reached out and now Marineland Animal Defense has signed onto a statement with them and 140 other Canadian organizations calling for this legislation to be a priority. As part of the initiative I wrote a post for Greenpeace detailing my own personal experiences with SLAPP suits. If passed this legislation could have a positive effect on the full spectrum of social justice advocacy and protect folks who speak truth to power. I am happy to lend my time and effort to that!

On the speaking end of things I had a great time at the 29th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Association Food Fair. The food was delicious, other speakers I saw were inspiring and the two workshops I ran were well attended by folks who were largely open minded, passionate and interested. You can’t ask for more! I believe a video of my first workshop – on Coalition Building from an Animal Advocacy Perspective – will be online shortly. I will post that when it goes up.

I will be out on the East Coast (Atlantic Canada) from mid to late October and am looking into a few speaking events while I am out there – but aside from that and potentially a few school spots I am open for the next while. A main focus is getting past “Festival for the Animals” – four days of events from October 11th-14th to mark the closing of the 2013 operation season for the captive animal facilities Marineland, African Lion Safari and Safari Niagara (Zooz).

That’s the focus for the next while. I can’t foresee myself having the spare time to write specifically for this site over the next month – but who knows when insomnia will strike!

Hope everyone is enjoying the transition into my favorite season!



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