Toronto Police – “Their Flag Waving Was Disruptive”

1380529_10151958794301882_864361973_n Hiawatha Flag of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. PHOTO: John Henhawk 

As outrage continues to build online and this story continues to go viral, the Toronto Police Services have responded with their version of the events.

PC Drummond, Communications for 52nd Division, is adamant about telling the public, “the type of flags had nothing to do with the arrest.” Claiming that the Hiawatha and the Unity Flag themselves were not the issue. For 52nd Division, the arrest was because the act of waving and holding those flags is seen as disruptive to them.

Many online have commented on what could have transpired before the video that was shot took place. As Davyn and the person who took the film have stated – they came to the event and were almost immediately asked to leave. There was no “disruptive” behaviour prior to them being approached and beyond them standing in public with the flags they held. Drummond stated that what followed after they were approached was “belligerent” behaviour on the part of Davyn.

When asked if someone would be considered “disruptive” for holding or waving a Canadian flag at a Remembrance Day Ceremony PC Drummond would not specifically say yes – but repeated “we treat everyone the same.”

PC Drummond said that 52nd Division has extensive training and experience in crowd control and demonstrations and also that each Officer undergoes anti-racist training. 52nd Division also has an Aboriginal Unit, although the arrest was not made by that Unit.

The explanations may leave many wanting though, as social media is in revolt over the video. Many are calling for the police to be charged, a human rights complaint to be filed, and/or a civil suit to be filed.

It also remains unclear why Davyn, a Veteran who has attended this public ceremony at City Hall for years with his flags, was considered disruptive by his presence this specific year.

Supporters are pushing on with a solidarity rally at 52nd Division today at 3pm and urging for the public to support. They will be marching today to demand an apology and a return of the flags confiscated yesterday.

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Video taken of the incident by Toronto activist Miguel 


12 responses to “Toronto Police – “Their Flag Waving Was Disruptive”

  1. from what ,I saw, they were standing behind toward the back of the crowd, and i didnt see anyone “waving” their flag or flag’s, I saw them holding their flag.then I saw couple of dumb ass 52 division bullies being them dumbass selve’s being disruptive toward the ceromony honouring war vet’s.

  2. YEAH WHAT JOHN SAULS SAID. This is so WRONG. Many, many Native People have served in the white mans wars and deserve to be Honored and to carry their flags as well.. Shame on You Toronto Police

  3. Disgusting display of ignorance on the T.O police and not to mention my so called friends ready to go to their defence while passerbyers and others stood in silence. What a shame!

  4. This just proves humanities suppression over the powers that be. Whats wrong with those ppl?!?! just standing there, probably thinking what to cook for dinner. They’re all that dazed and brainwashed?!
    If I was there…..Oh man, there would have been such a scene to wake those sheeple.

  5. this is an atrocity the police should be charged the cops and city and sued for vilolations of human rights and the cops suspended without pay until its resolved those of us that served find this rediculous and brings shame on that force and the city

  6. i hope that the police get charged/ suspended and their photos make it to the media, front page too\! Disrespectful of our flag, the police are disrespectful in their actions in our native lands!

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  8. I doubt any of this will make it into the media. The only time the media ever reports Aboriginal people is during the negative side. Just like how they portray Muslims. You’d think that Toronto being the largest city in Canada, 4th largest in North America that there’d be less racism towards the Aboriginal people. I live in Thunder Bay, ON and the racism here towards the Aboriginal community is really high. Thunder Bay has it fair share of ignorant, racist people.. maybe more.

  9. complete violation of human rights by racist assholes….and the detainee is a veteran, as well…what’s wrong with these people???

  10. How utterly ignorant for the Toronto Police…He is a war vet…who served this country so that we can all have the freedoms that we all hold so dear….There is also a picture on the internet of this police officer stomping on our wampum flag…disgraceful….he should be fired…

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