Marineland is Dragging Me Back to Court


Folks who follow the site should be up on the fact that for the last 19 months I’ve been subject to aggressive civil litigation from the captive animal facility Marineland Canada. All of this because I help organize mass demonstrations against the park and have spoken publicly against animal captivity.

Last August we successfully defended our right to demonstrate on site during an injunction hearing, but still had a cost order of $10,000 awarded to Marineland. As I refused during cross examination to provide the names of other MAD organizers or supporters, I am the only individual named in that cost order outside of MAD as an organization.

Fast forward to May 17th and we countered their opening day with a massive “March on Marineland” – the first ever march through the Niagara Falls tourist district onto the facility. They were not pleased. In response they have brought garnishment orders, on a $10,000 debt which means little a company with a reported $4 million/year advertising budget, and now new motions to either revise that initial court order or obtain a new one – this time restricting all speech on site during demonstrations based upon their claim of a customers “right to quiet enjoyment.” Welcome to civil litigation and what you can do if you have the resources.

Since Marineland can use that outstanding cost order for leverage in court – on June 16th – we are trying to make that cost order disappear before that date. For anyone who has followed this site and enjoyed or found worth in anything on it – please consider throwing down some funds. Every little bit helps, including sharing the GoFundMe we have running now.  I hate asking for money. I also hate the idea of giving money to Marineland. However, this is a court order and not paying this off offers a lot more advantages to Marineland than if we do. Please, help me get this out of the way so I can get back to organizing.


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