A diverse sample of press below.

Guelph Symposium Explores SLAPPS (March 2015)

No Love For Marineland: Sweeping Changes Proposed for Ontario’s Captive Marine Mammal Industry (Jan 2015)

Tell Their Stories; Dylan Powell on Building Coalitions in the Animal Liberation Movement (Dec 2014)

Defender Radio: Slapping Down SLAPP Suits (March 2014)

Veg Belly: Dylan Powell (Oct 2013)

Freedom of Species: Dylan Powell (July 2013)

#OurScars (May 2013)

Where the Sea Lions Kiss (May 2013)

Taking On Marineland (May 2013)

Beating the Burnout: Dylan Powell (March 2013)

Animal Rights Protesters Crash Marineland Aiming to Shut it Down (October 2012)

Immigration Protesters Occupy Dysktra’s Office (April 2012)

Custody of Killer Whale Plays Out in Court (July 2011)

A Grassroots Effort for Haiti (Jan 2011)


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